Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fated: Erotic Vampire Fantasy from Alexandra Anthony

Very EROTIC Vampire Romance 

(originally posted on Amazon July 21, 2012)


The hero and heroine take very little time to get down to business! While some stories it makes you wish there was a bit more foreplay, but it works well with these two. Their connection is that powerful and yes believable. 

Okay so I've had that sort of attraction too...so sue me! ;)

At the time of this post, the author now has two more books of this series out and I have them both on my Kindle to dive into and see if the questions I have about Josie's past are answered. Oh and I want more hot sex!

If you are looking for a "sweet" vampire romance, this is not for you. The sex scenes are absolutely SMOKING hot. The action takes off right from the start when vampire Stefan finally finds his fated mate Josephine after a very long two hundred year wait. The chemistry between them is explosive and the amount of sex they have to me is about right for a new relationship...especially if you're dealing with a 900 year old vampire who's waited 200 years for his soul mate to come into his life.

The secondary characters are also fun to have on screen. Josie's ever present and overly protective friend Georgia is a hoot even when she's ruffling Stefan's feathers with her behavior toward them as a couple. I agree with another reviewer in that I hope the author shows us a bit more of these secondary characters in future books.

The only criticism I have is the editing mistakes. There were several repeated words and phrases that were distracting at times, enough so to pull me out of the story a few scenes. Overall that didn't kill the story for me because I was drawn to Josie and Stefan right away and wanted to follow each moment with them to the end.

I enjoyed the book and can't wait for book two to find out more about Josie and her past. I recommend this book for anyone who loves vampire romances that are hot enough to melt your kindle!

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