How to Request a Review

After careful consideration, I've decided to open up the blog and accept requests for reviews. I have many books and reviews I'm going to be uploading within the next week, but I think it's time to accept requests at least so I can set up a schedule.

To request a review please send an email to

This is an email dedicated solely for this blog so I can be sure that no request gets lost in any spam folder.

I will review books from any genre from young adult and poetry to the hottest erotica and erotic romances. Please be aware that the majority of the reviews here will be of the adult variety and that's why the blog has an adults only warning. If your book is reviewed here and it's for younger crowd, I will send you a copy of the review so you can post it on your own blog/website. I will also put it up on Goodreads, Amazon and any other publisher site you request...if that site allows it.

If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from Sassy Vixen Reviews then requesting the book file. Please don't send the file to me with your request. I don't want to lose anything AND if I already have your book on my Kindle, there will be no need for you to send another file.

The files I prefer are in Kindle format, but most publishers prefer that you send the PDF versions out to reviewers. That is fine with me too. We'll work it out!

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